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Crafted for holistic health professionals…
Herbal Artisans since 1981.

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Our Products

We craft our hemp-derived topical and dietary supplement products to achieve maximum therapeutic potential, enhancing the delivery of hemp’s symphony of healing compounds.

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HeavenSentHemp™ products are supreme additions to a healthy lifestyle. They are not neutraceuticals or concentrated drug isolates. They are whole plant extracts containing an astounding array of beneficial natural chemicals.

Why Our Products Excel


We find that our hand-extraction process with organic, extra virgin olive oil produces the most comprehensive, bioenergetic healing effects


Our products are developed and clinically validated by holistic health professionals.


We have chosen optimal levels of the most valuable hemp phytochemicals

How Our Olive Oil Extraction Can Amplify Hemp’s Benefits

It turns out that olive oil is very effective at extracting a wide range of hemp’s beneficial chemicals. On its own, however, olive oil has significant health benefits that are generally unrecognized…

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