Company Background - HeavenSent Hemp

Company Background


HeavenSentHemp™ has utilized its founders’ 40 years of herbal product development, manufacturing expertise, and holistic clinical experience to manufacture innovative phytocannabinoid-rich hemp extracts that are more broadly bioactive than those available in the current marketplace. We produce our extracts via a proprietary artisanal process that utilizes organic extra virgin olive oil and yields phytochemically superior results. We validate that each small batch production run is independently lab tested with results that customers can view online.  While performing hundreds of direct clinical evaluations over the past year, co-founder Dr. Brent Davis has consistently found HeavenSentHemp™’s products to provide remarkable neuromuscular responses that cannot be reproduced using other leading hemp extracts.  His findings have been confirmed by many holistic health patients and practitioners around the U.S.

Headquarters in Lobelville, TN

Manufacturer of Organic Herbal Extracts since 1981 and UNCUT Flower™ Essence since 2000

Currently Self-funded


Dr. Brent Davis

Ed Harrison


Forbes projects the global market for Cannabidiol (CBD) will grow 700% to $2.1B by the year 2020, with the overall market for cannabis expected to expand to $63.5B by 2024.  A primary factor in this growth is the increasing awareness of the health benefits of cannabis. While cannabis market prices continue to face downward pressures due to oversupply, a key trend identified by is the increasing  interest in artisanal cannabis products.

HeavenSentHemp™ brings a near 40-year history of impeccable research and dedication to the manufacture of herbal tinctures and distribution to discriminating holistic health professionals around the US. By adapting its traditional herbal production methods for hemp and successfully verifying the improved therapeutic results within its existing practitioner network,  HeavenSentHemp™ is well-positioned to become a familiar and trusted name within the expanding legal cannabis marketplace.


HeavenSentHemp™ produces highly-bioactive extracts that can be taken internally or applied topically. All products are made with organic ingredients and manufactured in small batches to ensure the highest level of quality. We also manufacture a colloid-rich product from freshly-harvested hemp (CHT+) that demonstrates unique therapeutic value from its terpene-rich profile.

Customers and Partners

HeavenSentHemp™’s existing network of holistic health professionals helps to ensure swift and accurate feedback regarding  product quality and potential new therapeutic applications. We are also in the process of building a resilient ecosystem that can sustainably support a broad range of health-conscious and discriminating retailers.