Founder's Message - HeavenSent Hemp

Founder’s Message

Where Spirit & Science Must Meet:

The Sacred Trust of Developing Healing Hemp

A message from co-founders: Ed Harrison & Dr. Brent Davis

Dr. Brent Davis

Ed Harrison

To this craft we bring a diverse background of about 30 years of strategic business design in corporations such as IBM (Harrison), and nearly 40 years of herbal formulation based on holistic, bio-energetic assessment of patient response to nutritional and herbal therapy (Davis).

In all those years of experience, from a business and natural medicine perspective, we have never seen anything like the current widespread interest in healing with hemp. And we surely are not alone.

Consumers are now clamoring for CBD (Cannabidiol) products more than any other herb in history (even though mainstream media has been virtually silent on reporting the phenomenon of interest.) Wealthy individuals and investment groups are quietly pouring money into medical hemp products. Something is surely afoot – but what will be the outcome?

The magnificent healing potential of hemp has not been realized in part because of often irresponsible use of Cannabis as a recreational drug. But there is another reason. We believe a threat to in-depth understanding of healing with hemp arises from mistakenly identifying it as simply an extraordinary assembly of healing chemicals. With that point of view, emphasis is naturally placed on high-recovery-rate pharmaceutical extraction technologies. Efficient extraction means greater profit.

Most CBD and hemp extract companies are following pharmaceutical strategies when they employ technically efficient liquid CO2 extraction to process the herb. We have developed a different extraction approach at HeavenSentHemp™ (HSH) for specific reasons. Industrial hemp (with very low content of psychoactive THC) contains two especially active groups of natural chemicals: terpenes and polyphenols. Other important medicinal herbs also contain those chemicals, but they do not have the therapeutic reach of hemp. That is in part because they do not possess cannabinoids.

Cannabinoids (notably CBD or Cannabidiol) are unique to the Cannabis plant. They seem to be the “conductors” of the symphony of healing achieved by all hemp’s therapeutic constituents working together.

From empirical clinical evaluation in a holistic setting, we have gained insight into how cannabinoids accomplish the mysterious feat of such broad healing. We believe it is by cell signaling. Optimized cell signaling is THE essential communication control mechanism that allows biological systems to function healthfully.

HSH’s artisanal hand extraction technology has been developed particularly with the objective of preserving all subtle characteristics of the hemp plant so that cell signaling is maximized.

We feel cell signaling must be understood from two perspectives: (1) molecular medicine that we see in institutional science and (2) bio-energetic frequency emission that is understood in progressive holistic medicine and quantum biology.

From a practical standpoint in clinical practice, the subtle world of cell signaling by frequency emission is normally measured by electro-dermal analysis or muscle testing response. Though both of those diagnostic approaches are operator dependent, they are valuable guides to therapy when applied proficiently. Importantly, they allow us to measure bio-energetic factors that profoundly influence health but are normally invisible.

At HeavenSentHemp™, we are committed to producing healing hemp products that achieve the highest standards of excellence in terms of verifiable medicinal chemistry AND the most coherent bio-energetic resonance.

  • Each batch of HSH products has a certificate of independent lab analysis performed by a laboratory specializing in hemp phytochemistry. Cannabinoid and terpene levels are provided.
  • With the goal of achieving superior bio-resonance, all our products have been bio-energetically compared to over one dozen of the most widely marketed CBD/hemp products in the U.S. and the E.U. Test vials of our products are available for healing arts practitioners to measure how well we have achieved that goal.

The great consumer experience we see may be the best measure of all!