Management Bios - HeavenSent Hemp

Management Bios

Dr. Brent W. Davis

Co-Founder HeavenSent Enterprises,LLC
Chief Science Officer

Dr. Davis began formulating herbal products in 1978, at the time he began his practice of natural health care as a holistic chiropractor. He started an herbal manufacturing company in 1981 (Phytotherapy Research Labs Inc.) that has been in business ever since that time, and is increasingly active in 2018.

At the beginning of the new millennium Dr. Davis invented a new method to process living flowers to obtain a much more powerful form of flower essence – quantum frequencies to transform and remove limiting beliefs and harmful memories from the unconscious mind. This process (FlorAlive®) holds U.S. and international patents. The story of how these discoveries were made is recounted in Dr. Davis’ 2014 book, The Floral Hand of God: Secret Healing Codes of Flowers Revealed. Ground-breaking quantum science is explored in this text that sheds light on the manner by which bioactive frequencies from flowers can interact with people and animals to produce rapid positive transformation.

He has served for nearly forty years as a clinical herbal formulator and CSO. He now directs the clinical development of HeavenSentHemp products whose superior value is proven in every day clinical practice. These highest grade phytocannabinoid-rich industrial hemp extracts occupy a special niche due to the unique extraction process used to make them which departs from the common technology of supercritical CO2 extraction that most manufacturers employ.

Ed Harrison

Co-Founder HeavenSent Enterprises, LLC
Chief Operating Officer

Ed Harrison has spent 35 years as an Information Technology professional, helping companies across a diverse set of industries to successfully integrate their business vision with technological possibilities. As an experienced Project Manager, Enterprise Architect, and Consultant, he is equally comfortable working with both abstract digital concepts and hands-on, nuts-and-bolts problems. In 2012, Ed founded SmarterGardens, a company that enabled him to apply his expertise in the fields of Architecture, Process Management, Business Intelligence, and Supply Chain Management to his lifelong love of growing healthy food. Among the many fresh greens and culinary herbs he grew for local Nashville restaurants and Farmers’ Markets, Ed was the first person in the state to legally sell industrial hemp as a salad green.
He later became a critical member of the team that successfully lobbied the 2017 TN House and Senate to unanimously pass landmark legislation that dramatically expanded opportunities for the hemp industry. Multiple groups have since recognized these Tennessee Hemp statutes as the best-written in the country.

Ed currently serves as a board member and Senior Vice President for the TN Hemp Industries Association (TN HIA) and continues to combine his multiple areas of expertise with the passion to place clean and holistic plant-based food and healing solutions back into the hands of the people.