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Press Releases

Contact: Ed Harrison


Breakthrough Artisanal Processing Increases Power of Hemp Extracts

Nashville, TN (July 23, 2018) – Tennessee based HeavenSent Enterprises LLC announces the introduction of its groundbreaking line of artisanally hand crafted HeavenSentHemp™ natural  whole plant hemp extracts, developed for and tested by a select group of the most discerning holistic physicians and health professionals. 

The company has utilized its founders’ 40 years of herbal product development and manufacturing expertise to innovate more broadly bioactive phytocannabinoid-rich hemp extracts than are available in the current marketplace. They are produced by a proprietary organic olive oil hemp extraction process that yields phytochemically superior products. Each small batch production run is backed by independent lab tests that can be viewed online, documenting its rich content of naturally occurring cannabinoids (including CBD) as well as terpenes.


A serendipitous discovery

Co-founder of HeavenSentHemp™, Dr. Brent Davis, explains that although the very common industrial supercritical CO2 extraction technology for hemp is highly efficient for the recovery of phytochemicals, in his clinical experience (and that of collaborating colleagues), it does not produce the best outcome for patients. Since 1978, a specialty area of his practice has been neuromuscular evaluation of his patients’ response to nutritional products. When he began his clinical evaluation of hemp, he purchased many of the industry leading brands of hemp extracts which by and large were extracted with CO2 (or occasionally with ethyl or isopropyl alcohol). He found that beneficial neuromuscular reflexive response of his patients was much higher with the novel olive oil extraction technology that he had discovered serendipitously as compared to the response elicited when industrially-produced hemp extracts were similarly evaluated.

Organic EVOO extraction preserving bioactivity

Based on direct clinical evaluation performed with HeavenSentHemp™’s high quality industrial hemp extracted in organic EVOO, Dr. Davis consistently finds remarkable musculoskeletal responses that cannot be reproduced using CO2 hemp extracts in MCT and other extraction technologies that appear to diminish the rich bioactivity of naturally-extracted hemp. Neither do hemp products employing pharmaceutical-liposomal delivery systems match the transdermal delivery ability of HeavenSentHemp™’s naturally occurring terpenes.  These findings are confirmed by many holistic health patients and practitioners around the U.S. reporting the superior performance of HSH products. In the realm of the highest quality hemp extracts, HeavenSentHemp™ aims to deliver the best and most cost-effective products.

Vertical integration for premium quality

The HeavenSentHemp product line is vertically integrated through all stages of production from 2018 organic cultivation of select varieties of hemp on its own farm to extraction, bottling, labeling and distribution in its CGMP (Current Good Manufacturing Practices) facility located just three miles from the location where its hemp is being cultivated.