Wholesale Terms and Conditions - HeavenSent Hemp

Wholesale Terms and Conditions

Thanks for considering the HeavenSentHemp brand for your retail operations! We have a number of policies we would like you become familiar with before signing up with us as a reselling partner. We’ve made the application process brief while still collecting enough data elements to become familiar with your company/organization.

Once you’ve completed the application process (as described below) and have been approved as a reseller, you will be able to see wholesale pricing and to place wholesale orders.

Please note that if you carry HeavenSentHemp products as an online retailer, we require that you include the HeavenSentHemp name in the product title or in the product description. You will have your wholesale customer status revoked if you fail to comply with this requirement.


Please complete the online application form to become a HeavenSentHemp reseller. We will notify you from 1-3 business days after you submit this form and we’ll inform you of your approval status at that time. You are then free to begin shopping on our site as a ‘wholesale buyer’.

We request that your first order as a reseller totals a minimum of $150. Subsequent orders can be less, but shipping becomes free for all orders exceeding $150. For any questions about the application process or general wholesale matters, please email us at: wholesale@www.heavensenthemp.com


We require that all orders be paid for prior to shipment. We currently accept credit cards and electronic check payments. For larger orders ($1,500 or more), we default to electronic check processing.


We will ship wholesale orders approximately 1-2 business days from date they are ordered. We provide both USPS and UPS shipping options. We additionally provide a shipping portal that allows you to graphically track the status of your order’s delivery schedule. Should you require special shipping terms, please contact us at (931) 593-2300.


We provide wholesale customers with the ability ship orders to any specified address. Drop-ship orders are packed with only a packing slip, providing pricing privacy between you the reseller and your customer. We additionally communicate only to your email address, providing you the opportunity to inform your customer with shipping status as you choose.


Should you need to change one of your wholesale orders, we request that you make every effort to submit these via email to wholesale@www.heavensenthemp.com on the same day as placing the order. We understand that change is an inherent part of any business and will make every effort to flexibly accommodate any alterations to your wholesale order. If, however, you submit order changes after 5PM of the day you had placed your initial order, we may need to charge up to an additional 20% fee for restocking cancelled items. If we do issue a restocking fee, we will deduct it from the adjusted order total. Please notify us at wholesale@www.heavensenthemp.com within 3 days of receiving any mistakenly-shipped merchandise.


We request that you postmark any merchandise returns or exchanges within 3 days of notifying us by email. In order to qualify for refunds, all returned merchandise must arrive unopened and in its original packaging. We will not accept returned products that have already been marked or labeled.


Please note, our office hours are Monday – Friday, 9 am – 5 pm Central Time. On weekends, please contact us at wholesale@www.heavensenthemp.com with general questions or shipment status inquiries. We’ll make every effort to respond as quickly as we can.